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The 'Future of Aging' is unfolding before our eyes


Lydia Kostopoulos is the curator of the Project Nof1 Interview Series on Healthy Aging Protocols and founder of the Abundance Studio consultancy which sponsors this interview series. She is very passionate about the technological advancements in the field of longevity sciences and believes that the fourth industrial revolution is not only changing industries but society as a whole. She sees aging as one of many social changes and aims to use the Project Nof1 interview series to capture some of these changes of how we are socially changing our perspectives and practices around aging.


She had an interest in medicine since a young age and attended a specialized medical high school program. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 happened the first week of her first year in college and she decided to focus on the pressing security issues. This led her to explore the continuously changing character of warfare and how emerging technologies plays a big role for nation state and asymmetric actors and namely in the context of special operations missions.


Two decades after 9/11 she noticed other issues start to have an impact on national security, namely climate change, water security and changing demographics shifting towards an older population.

She is now directing her focus to these issues namely through her strategic advisory and innovation work under Abundance Studio and the Project Nof1 series for her public health related interests.

She can be found on LinkedinTwitter/X and Instagram.

Her professional portfolio can be found at, 

The Project Nof1 Interview Series is an initiative of her consultancy Abundance Studio.

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