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  • Lydia Kostopoulos, PhD

Healthy Aging Protocols: A Personalized Approach

The primary intent of the Project Nof1 Interview series is to showcase people's different healthy aging protocols and share the stories of how they designed and are actively curating their healthy aging plans and strategies on their own terms.

Learn about the individual stories

In the first set of interviews which are available on YouTube and in audio format on Spotify and Amazon Music you will find all kinds of varied intentional approaches to healthy aging. They include the following protocol stories:

  1. The curator of the Project Nof1, Lydia Kostopoulos, shares her academic research methods which influenced her approach in her protocol which she calls "Setting Conditions by Design".

  2. Founder of the wellness app Zensory, Jasmine Eskenzi talks about her healthy aging protocol pillars which include "Purpose, Community and Lifestyle".

  3. Retired US Navy veteran Dave Snell shares his healthy aging journey and how he cultivated his healthy aging protocol based on 4Ms: "Meaning, Mind, Meditation and Movement".

  4. "With an eye for living longer," longevity science blogger Aastha Jain shares her approach which is based on a collection of the tips and advice the scientists she interviews share with her.

  5. Behavior change therapist and mom of two, Christina Warrilow shares her healthy aging protocol's key components which include "Physical, Mental and Spiritual" and how she includes her healthy aging protocols in her parenting style.

  6. Experiential gatherings entrepreneur Jordan Kallman, shares his story of how he has been curating his healthy aging protocol over the past decade and how he uses his custom spreadsheet to track his health and his personal bests in his "Motivated, Tracking, Research & Application" protocol.

  7. Psychiatrist and sex therapist Angela Ivy Leong, shares how she developed her healthy aging protocol based on "Efficient Routines, Social Accountability and Sexual Intimacy" and the influence her entrepreneurial life has had on it.

  8. With "Sports, Food, Community and Spreadsheets" at the center of her protocol, founder of women's athletic training app WildAI, Hélène Guillaume Pabis shares her spreadsheet method and how she the changes she has made to her healthy aging protocol while balancing her entrepreneurial life and becoming a mother.

  9. Director of the Johns Hopkins University Art + Mind Lab, Susan Magasmen shares her neuroaesthetical approach to her healthy aging protocol and how the arts play a core role in her "Aesthetic Mindset Protocol".

  10. CEO of Nothing Bundt Cakes and world champion in pole vault in the age 50, 55 and 60 age categories, Dolf Berle shares his multi-decade journey and how training for decathlons has become his default healthy aging protocol and a critical component of his identity.

These stories are a testament to the ability to design our individual healthy aging protocol based on our values, lifestyles and the person we desire to be and the future life we hope to live.

Design your own protocol

If you are interested in designing your own protocol but don't know where to start, sign up for the Project Nof1 newsletter to be informed of a free three part Protocol Club workshop which will help you design your own protocol. The workshop is comprised of three parts: Part 1: Is all about articulating what your healthy aging goals are, imagining your future self and working backwards from these scenarios to design your personalized heathy aging protocol.

Part 2: Will focus on understanding the data that needs to be tracked and measured as part of your identified healthy aging protocol.

Part 3: Aims to map out how the health aging protocol you designed will be implemented into your life.

[Disclaimer: This workshop is meant to help ideate on healthy aging protocols and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services. Those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner.]

Upcoming Healthy Aging Protocol Interviews

The next set of healthy aging protocol interviews is currently in the making and it will focus on one of the healthy aging practices that all longevity and healthspan researchers and scientists agree on which is: meaningful human connection.

In an age of loneliness and social isolation this is a particularly important topic and the next set of interviews explores healthy aging protocols that feature a strong "meaningful human connection" component. You can subscribe to Project Nof1 on YouTube and in audio format on Spotify and Amazon Music to get access to them as soon as they come out.

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